2017 Planner - Podcast Listener

What up my Inbox Besties Besties! 

Never worry about what to write in your weekly newsletter again! (....Or at least until 2019!)

2017/2018 Weekly Email Newsletter Planner Is Here and You Get It 60% Off (Normally $5) 

This 38-page planner is the only thing standing between you and a happy, engage email list. Feverishly refreshing their inbox waiting for your weekly newsletter...

Best part? You don’t need to write a single blog post! 

That’s right. You can use every single email in your planner without a website. 

The perfect balance of providing value and getting paid:

 The 2017/2018 Email Newsletter Planner is based off the 2 x1 x 1 principal:

  •  2 value soaked teaching emails (Proving your list is valuable. And you know what your talking about)
  •  1 Personal story or opinion (To set yourself apart from every Tom, Dick & Harry while supercharging your "like" factor)
  •  1 soft “hey check this out” pitch a month. (To make your piggy bank smile)

 Don’t have any products or services? No problem. Simply recommend products, services, and apps you’re already using, that your audience will love and earn a commission. 

And hey it’s only $2….but only on this page... and only until the timer hits zero. 🙂

This product is in no way affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by The Lemonade Stand Society™, Courtneyfosterdonahue.com or The Art of Grit + Grace, LLC 

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